VAO : Terms and Conditions

  1. 1. VAO student’s residence should not be in vicinity of an ETEN ALC. Also the IP address of accessing PC shall not be in the vicinity to an ETEN Authorized Learning Center (ALC). Students violating these premises shall be debarred from accessing VAO program at any time in the program. ETEN’s decision in this regard shall be final and binding.
  2. 120% views, based on the estimated number of subject-sessions shall be progressively released as classes progress. Views are not demarcated into Preparatory and Reversionary, as is done for VAA. Views are available to a student till two batches from date of enrollment
  3. Criteria of opting VAO would remain multiple subjects apart from physical distance from ETEN ALC.
  4. Books and notes shall be sent directly to student’s address. Students have to provide correct mail ids, address and phone no, as these are the only mode of contact among us. Periodically released notes and slides etc shall be mailed directly to the student. The student should have their own facility to take printouts.
  5. HO reserves the right to approve/reject/nullify any registration at any point of time if found any malfunctioning of the service/misbehavior or information of/from the student without any prior notification.
  6. Steps for VAO Registration:-
  7. Registration and Fee:
    • Initially VAO registrations will be priced at 20% above regular enrollments. VAO pricing may be changed at any time without notice.
    • VAO students will register directly with ETEN HO and pay their fee by DD in favor of “IndiaCan Education Pvt. Ltd. ETEN”, payable at Delhi or Gurgaon.
  8. After successful registration, please print the form with two copies. Keep one copy for further reference and attach one copy with your residence proof/ ICAI registration letter/ Passport copy/ Visa Copy/ Employment letter etc., personal computer details with IP address in a plain sheet and DD and send it to our VAO Administrator “Ms. Pratibha Sharma ” at the below mentioned address:

    5 Park end 2nd floor,
    Preet Vihar,
    Near sony center,
    Mail Id-